High Temperature Films
A tube film made of fluorine resin
Ease Release Films
A tube-shaped film with outstanding free release features
Soft 3D Airbags
TailorMade series: Customize it to suit any shape and meet your specific needs
Silicone-free Release Films
A release film with exceptional flexibility, superior thermal stability, and reliable self-release effect
Gas Sampling Bags
A bag for gas collection
Bagging Films
A polyamide bagging film
Established in 2004, Xiamen Xinwang Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech manufacturer specializing in process materials for various composites molding processes. Our capabilities span design, research and development, manufacturing, and sales.
Our product line consists of a diverse range of offerings, including nylon tubes, release tubes, special-shaped air bags, and 3D air bags tailored for blow molding processes. We also provide FEP and ETFE shrinkable tubular release vacuum bagging films, high-temperature vacuum bagging films, release vacuum bagging films, high-temperature release films, cast films, fluorine films, and various functional films suitable for vacuum infusion and autoclave processes. In addition to our standard product offerings, we provide innovative customized solutions, such as 3D air bag mandrels, 3D printed cores, and special-shaped structural parts. To complement our product portfolio, we offer a comprehensive range of supporting products, including high-temperature sealant tapes, breather/bleeder cloth, peel plies, vacuum valves, and more. Our products have broad applicability in diverse industries such as wind energy, yacht manufacturing, automotive, high-speed rail, aerospace, and medical equipment sectors.
  • 20+

    Service coverage in over 20 countries worldwide

    Serving the world
    Service coverage in over 20 countries worldwide
    Sales markets in Asia, Europe, America, and Australia
  • 30+

    More than 30 independently developed technology patents

    R&D Center
    Having a professional R&D team
    Provide customers with innovative and reliable products
  • 90%

    90% of duct/airbag users are using environmentally friendly release ducts

    Implementing Environmental Protection and Efficiency Enhancement through Material Innovation
    Our independently developed products provide customers with more efficient solutions
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